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Commercial Services

Whether you need want to improve efficiency in your office bills, upgrading your building or relocation your store. Any business owner can trust in Mountainside Electric to provide them with all commercial electric services.

While providing outstanding service to our commercial customers, we are always their to provide a budget friendly, timely service to your unique situation. Each businesses needs are different and we strive to provide you with services to reach the goal you desire.

You will see a list of services offered below, if there is something else not listed below, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

For more information, contact us!

COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Mountainside Electric Family, 

As a small but growing business, this is a very difficult decision but in response to the rapidly evolving COVID 19 we have decided to shut down effective immediately. 

To help do our part to flatten the curve and protect the vulnerable we are consciously choosing to close our doors indefinitely until further notice. 

We recognize that this is a very unique situation and encourage everyone to approach it with sensitivity, understanding, and respect for decisions companies and individuals take during this hard time. 

Since we will not be completing any unnecessary work in the field we will be available for Emergency Service Calls and will be available for remote Estimates.

Please contact us at Info@mountainsideelectric.ca or 905-630-4550.Thank you in advance as we all work together and support each other in the weeks and months ahead.


Josh, James & Team